What Our Students Say About Us

Andy Bates fishing with his son

Andy Bates, North Carolina

“Wanda has a way of communicating with children that rivals that of the best kindergarten teachers! The steps that Wanda uses to teach fly-casting are well thought out and appropriate for creating  well-rounded, and proper casting techniques in her students. As a parent, observing her classes it is easy to follow along and see what is needed to continue the child’s progression, practicing at the house.  The “fighting a fish drill” is one of the kids favorites, it’s so much fun for them they don’t even know they are learning! Thank you so much Wanda for motivating my boys as well myself to get out there and  practice!!!” 


John Mauser

"My son, Tucker, attended one of Wanda's Youth Casting Clinics at  the Cape Lookout Albacore Festival. I couldn't have been more pleased with the results. As a long time fly fisherman I know how hard it can  be to instruct others, especially young children, on fly casting. Wanda  has the ability to break down the steps of fly casting into a way that is very simple for children to understand and pick up on. She keeps it  fun throughout the lesson, and had no problem keeping the attention of a  dozen young children. She incorporates fly fishing games into the instruction, to keep everyone excited throughout the process. My son had such a good time, that he walked up to Wanda afterwards and asked  her if they could meet the following week for his second lesson.  Since  he was so excited about his class, we stopped by a local pond afterwards  and I got to watch him catch his first fish on fly, followed by several more. Proud Daddy moment for me!"

Susan Watson, Retired legal assistant, Texas

"My husband and I retired 8 years ago and began traveling full time.  Fly fishing around the country became our goal, which is interesting because we had NEVER done it before!! I have attended a couple of Wanda Taylor’s Fly Fishing Clinics for Women only on the Guadalupe River in Texas and I can’t really begin to tell you how much my fly fishing  experiences changed. I have been “trying” to fly fish for 8 years (oh, I DID lay off a couple of years because I was so frustrated!) but after her clinics I had a totally new outlook AND enthusiasm. Her side casting  technique is so adaptable and so much more fun than the overhead  casting I had been doing and also so much more successful for me. She is  so full of experience and knowledge and so willing to share with EVERYONE!! I never knew learning could be so much fun!!! My husband loves Wanda too because now I want to go fishing with him so much more and he really enjoys watching me catch and land fish!!!" 

Mary Liebermann, Retired USAF, Texas

“I’ve had fly fishing instructions form numerous people around our great country but Wanda Taylor is by far the best instructor I’ve ever had the privilege of fishing with. She is incredibly patient, she listens, and she adapts her instructions to the student’s abilities, but  mostly she wants you to have fun and walk away feeling successful. I had a great time with Wanda fishing the Guadalupe River in TX and hope to make it to TN to fish with her on her favorite waters."

Dr. Lee Roy Dyer, Tennessee

"I am writing this letter to highly recommend Wanda Taylor. I have been fly fishing (fresh water) for most of my adult life. I am now 74 years young. I thought that I knew all there was to know about fly fishing, but that was until I had the pleasure of meeting with Wanda  Taylor. She was very knowledgeable of the art of fly fishing. She taught me the correct technique of casting for saltwater fly fishing. She was professional and very talented. I would highly recommend her fly fishing casting lessons to anyone, and I have done so already. I wish I would  have had her expertise 5 years ago when I got into saltwater fishing."

Marcia Jones, Virginia

"Thanks again for the excellent instructions last Sunday in the Women’s Casting Instruction Class at the VA Fly Fishing Festival. I’ve been practicing my casting and plan to go bass fishing tomorrow. If there is a special instruction program offered for women next year, I  would be interested. Thanks for your help. It was great meeting you and an awesome experience being taught by you."